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Our goal is to create a happier, more engaged workforce by bringing the right people, to the right workplaces.

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Finding a career is broken. Let's fix it.

Looking for a new role today is anything but a modern experience. We're reinventing how people find their next big break.

For Businesses

Building happier workforces.

Kultur is a dedicated home for all the fantastic things you do as an employer, and the perfect place to be discovered by your next great hire.

Be found by your culture and values

Are you a green, fast-paced, startup? Or a traditional, academic powerhouse? The same role in these two scenarios is likely to be very different. Now you can be found job seekers who will love you for you.

Show the world your best side

Waiting for marketing to finally post those photos of that amazing away day to your corporate Facebook or website. Sound familiar? Instead, update your Kultur page directly from your phone, and have them seen by millions of candidates, daily.

Find passive hires, sooner

See who is following your company, and reach out to them via our DM interface. People typically begin their passive search months before actively looking, so start building relationships with the best and brightest talent early on.
For Jobseekers

Big life decisions deserve better.

You wouldn't buy a house or a car without knowing if you were comfortable in it, so why a job? We treat future career moves with the respect they deserve, and give people the tools they need to thrive.

Showcase your strengths

Market yourself in style with an attractive professional profile. Upload your most important career highlights anyway you like, or directly address your future employers in a video, if that's more your style.

Privacy first

Looking for work shouldn't mean hundreds of irrelevant job ads and voicemails from third parties. Kultur puts people directly in touch with hiring companies, and only once they have given their consent.

Free forever

We believe finding a great job is a right, not a privilege. Kultur will always be free for job seekers, forever.

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Stay in the loop we work towards our global launch. We'll keep you informed on our progress, and will be reaching out for beta tester very soon.